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A framework for load-time transformation of Java programs. [Open Source, LGPL]
Category Java > Extensions

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gt; language into Java by providing explicit support for Web service sessions, safe XHTML dynamic document building.
Java > Extensions

Java with assertions, spoken: jazz, like the music. Improvement of JaWA language extension. Gives Java the concepts of Design by Contract from Bertrand Meyer, and Eiffel, and extends them with new features. [Open Source, GPL]
Java > Extensions

Supports load-time and runtime behavioural reflection in Java by allowing classes to be modified by Java code as they are loaded in. [Freeware, source available]
Java > Extensions

during class loading and instruments the class bytecodes on-the-fly to check run-time contract violations. [Apache Open Source Licence]
Java > Extensions

Java with a spoonful of syntactic sugar: proposed set of additions to make Java terser and safer. Terseness makes languages easier to read, write, maintain. Ideas from Abundance (Byte Magazine Oct 1986), Eiffel, Pascal, Delphi, Smalltalk, PL/I, Algol-68, Forth, even COBOL.
Java > Extensions

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